About Jason Livery



Jason Livery is the #1 goalie mask artist in the USA currently residing in Florida. Head Strong Grafx is also a proud military owned business that takes years of world-renowned experience and embraces the challenge of displaying your passions, personality, and individuality, for all to see and praise. With masks painted for NHL goaltenders like Jake Allen and Scott Darling, as well as being the official mask painter of the NAHL, Head Strong Grafx is seen as one of the premier goalie mask painting companies among top goaltenders.

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The Process



With a commitment to understanding what you envision, we're able to guarantee satisfaction regardless of the designs complexity. Whether you're a pro or a recreational player, your utmost satisfaction is our goal. That's why our frequent and clear communication throughout the process is unrivaled. If necessary, rendering specialists are available to help you design what you envision before the mask is ever received. As the mask itself is being prepped, stenciled, and painted, you'll receive pictures throughout the design's progress. This ensures that not only is the design as you imagined, but also gives you insight into the care that goes into your masks designs.


Our Goalies



We're proud to work with some of the top professionals in the game of hockey and create their unique look. Taking the time to create a one of a kind look that doesn't follow a template or pattern of any other mask out there for each goalie is very important, and one of the best parts of the job. From special tributes, personal brands, to the craziest of ideas, our goalies true style and personality shine on each of their masks. Check out our YouTube Page for some exclusive interviews and behind the scenes looks at some of the top level masks!


Jason's Paint



Check out Jason's special paint line: Five Hole Essentials, through Inspire Airbush Paints. With colors that represent the many of the colors of his professional clients, Jason is able to match any jersey. You can check out and buy these paints by clicking the button below.